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 101 Things To Do With Easter Eggs

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101 Things To Do With Easter Eggs Empty
PostSubject: 101 Things To Do With Easter Eggs   101 Things To Do With Easter Eggs EmptyMon Mar 15, 2010 1:04 am

01) Two Words: Food Fight!
02) Recreate the Mona Lisa with colored pencils.
03) Glue a rubber band to them and pretend they're koosh balls.
04) Use them as emergency earmuffs. Fashionable.
05) Ammunition stock piles for Halloween.
06) Make Easter Egg McMuffins for unsuspecting relatives.
07) Make paperweights and doorstops.
08) Make decorations for your aquarium.
09) Go for Cool Hand Luke's 50-egg record.
10) Toast them over campfires.
11) Keep in glove compartment to lob at tailgaters.
12) Make great shoe-trees.
13) Plant new chickens.
14) Use for trail markers on hikes.
15) Send to Col. Sanders for recycling.
16) Bolt them to your shoe soles: roller skates!
17) Packaging for new cologne: Eau d' Easter Bunny Wabbit.
18) Practice your putting game around the kitchen.
19) Leave as land-mines on your neighbor's lawn.
20) Load into a sweatsock and give yourself the neck massage of a lifetime!
21) Make into egg sculptures and send to Martha Stewart.
22) Let them roam free on the range like a pack of wild horses!
23) Pass them out to proud new fathers in delivery rooms.
24) String together for Christmas tree ornaments.
25) Put into cryogenic freeze (in case Walt Disney wakes up hungry),
26) Make into piggy banks for the kids.
27) Teach your dog how to fetch.
28) Insist they are from Mars - leave for worldwide book tour.
29) Send them to ROSIE in exchange for kooshballs!
30) Tell the doctor you just laid it and ask if this is normal.
31) Make Easter Egg salad sandwiches!
32) Save them until Halloween and give them away to Trick-or-Treater's.
33) Two Words: Shell Collage.
34) Put them in a bucket, over your front door, as a security system.
35) Leave them in strategic places in your house--to clean when they smell in July!
36) Dye them bright red and use them for clown noses.
37) Put under leg to keep table balanced.
38) Can you say, "egg pizza"?
39) Throw them at your audience if they don't laugh at your jokes.
40) Make them disappear.
41) Balance them on your nose.
42) Hide your jewelry in them.
43) Twist them to look like dogs (oops, that's for balloons.)
44) Hide them in your pockets.
45) See how many you can fit in your mouth (up to 30).
46) Use them for relay races...and forget to boil them.
47) Put them on chairs instead of whoopee cushions (raw for more fun).
48) Make them appear in your dove pan.
49) Hide them up your sleeve.
50) Use one to replace the ball in your trackball.
51) Put them in the blender. Of course it's gross. But you could DO it if you wanted to.
52) Use toothpicks to fasten them together into Easter snow people!
53) Shove them into your cheeks to impersonate a chipmunk.
54) Put one on your car antenna.
55) Fore! Use them as golf balls!
56) Softball anyone?
57) Let your kids play a game pushing them with their nose!
58) Use them in lieu of Styrofoam peanuts in your next package.
59) Sprinkle a little salt on top, crack open a beer, and enjoy!
60) Bury them in someone's paint can and let them idle...until they explode, providing your loved one with a lovely surprise of art-deco paintings for the walls.
61) Replace natural bird eggs in a nest and watch the mother bird try to figure out what's changed.
62) Use them as unique hair toppers.
63) Make schlocky horror movie, "Attack of the Killer Easter Eggs!"
64) Put them all in one basket.
65) Drop them at unsuspecting passers-by.
66) Feed them to your dog, then leave him with the ex for a few days.
67) Trade for baseball cards (cool!).
68) Donate them to Major League Baseball for use in Spring Training Games or batting practice.
69) Use them as bait at your favorite fishing hole.
70) Gambling chips for Friday night poker game.
71) Pad your bra.
72) Pad your brother's bra.
73) Hood ornament.
74) Put them in your car to ward off carjackers and thieves.
75) Don't grandmothers like Easter eggs?
76) Dog treats.
77) Keep them beside the bed in case your mate starts to snore. Then follow these simple directions: Open nostril, insert egg.
78) Join a circus and use them for your juggling act.
79) Line your walkway with them in place of stones.
80) Put one on the top of your head and check out your posture.
81) Paint them like the planets and make an egg universe.
82) Drop one on an unfavorable homework assignment. (It will be a more acceptable excuse than that one about the dog eating it.)
83) Paint them pretty and sell them at an Easter egg stand. Works best for people under the age of 12.
84) Hide one in the garden hose as a special surprise to the gardener.
85) Use Easter eggs to pick up a pretty girl. "Oh, what a nice pair of eggs you have!"
86) Give an Easter egg to a stranger. It will make their day.
87) Egg igloos.
88) Freeze them for next year.
89) Crush them and make wine.
90) String them together to make a friendship necklace. For a cheap lunch, share the Easter eggs with your friends.
91) Shape them into flower forms for a table centerpiece.
92) To reduce stress, throw them into a large box, while grunting and chanting.
93) See who can build the highest Easter egg mountain.
94) Use them as weights for exercise.
95) Use them as a relationship substitute.
96) Test gravity, ala Newton.
97) Dress them up and take them for a walk.
98) Adopt one as a pet.
99) Use as cat toy and bat it around the room (naturally).
100) Paint numbers on them and use as dice.
101) Hang them from your car's rearview mirror.
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101 Things To Do With Easter Eggs
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