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 Old Italianman's Train Journey

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Old Italianman's Train Journey Empty
PostSubject: Old Italianman's Train Journey   Old Italianman's Train Journey EmptyMon Mar 15, 2010 1:13 am

A man who lived in the South had tried for years to persuade his elderly father to visit him. Unfortunately, the father was from the old country, but now was living in the northeastern part of the United States. He had a great fear of flying, and staunchly refused to have any part of it. The son finally convinced him that he should take the train and travel south to see him and visit with his family.

Anxiously the son waited at the train station for the arrival of his father's train at the appointed time. As his father departed the train to hugs and friendly greetings, his son said to him "Well, Poppa, how was your train ride?"

His father shook his head and said "Oh, America, she's a beautiful country. I'ma ridin' along justa enjoyin' da countryside and I tinka I lika to have me a smoke........so I taka outa me pipe anda just asa I'ma gonna light up, along comes da conductor and he's a sayin' to you Poppa 'No smokin in da passenger car!'

"So I taka me to da smokin car and smoka me pipe ....... me tinka me lika to hava a drink......so, I taka out me flask and justa as I'ma gonna taka a sip, along comes that conductor and he tells you Poppa 'No drinkin in da smokin car!'

"So I taka me pipe anda flask and goes to da drinkin car. I'ma sittina dere and a perty girl coma and sitta by you Poppa, her name Virginia. She sitta close to you Poppa and I patta her on de knee and she lika dat....... she sitta closer and I patta her on the tigh......she really lika dat a lot! We justa huggin and akissin and along came date conductor again and he saysa 'No hanky panky in da drinkin car!'

"So, you Poppa aska Virginia if she wanna go backa to me lil sleepin car and she say 'Sure!' We go to me lil sleepin car and we's justa huggin and akissin ...... and along came data damned conductor and he's a shoutin "NO FOLK VIRGINIA!!!!!!!!!"
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Old Italianman's Train Journey
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